Part-Time Faculty- Entertainment Industry Capstone (LA)

Company Name:
Syracuse University
To teach TRF 500.1 Entertainment Industry Capstone Thursdays 2:00-5:00
Fall 2014 Semester, LA Campus.
Course Description: The Entertainment Industry Capstone is a summative examination of entertainment industry practices in relation to Television-Radio-Film studies to date. The course serves as a culminating experience for students in the Television-Radio-Film program. The course is designed as a reflection point on what has been learned in studies to date, and includes an academic project to share that reflection.
Students, with the guidance of faculty, will create an independent project geared to be a bridge between their academic studies and their on-going career aspirations.
To that end, students will take on the role of content creators. They will develop and produce original content along with a business plan to market and possibly monetize that programming. The specific nature of the project will ultimately be determined by the instructor along with input from the students.

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